Biodynamic Cranial TOUCH

Biodynamic Cranial TOUCH is the essence of achieving much by doing so little. The goal of the practitioner is to be in Neutral/Primary Respiration with the practice member. Neutral/Primary Respiration is the rhythm of Nature, the rhythm of the heart beyond the heartbeat itself. It is a 50 second in breath and 50 second out breath. It is the Breath of Life. While abiding in this Life Tide, the practitioner is able to act as a conductor for the Divine Stillness to manifest within herself and between herself and the practice member and ultimately within the practice member by attunement.

In biodynamic attunement, there is no polarity of right and wrong, of problems and solutions. There is only the world of Pure Being. In this place we find that words, conceptions and ideas about the way things are or should be or the way we are or should be are irrelevant. When returning from a session we are more whole in our sense of self in ways hard to describe with words. This leads to  lighter and less dense,  physical, emotional and mental bodies. These bodies are meant to be sacred vessels of Divine Love and Biodynamic Cranial TOUCH connects us to conscious radiant Love.

At conception, pure Breath of Life enters the embryo from the infinite periphery of Dynamic Stillness and orchestrates the precise geometric patterns in the fluids of the embryo that create a whole human being. We are created in the image of wholeness. The power that creates the body, heals the body throughout life.

This is the motion of health that never stops and continues after birth emanating from the heart field and maintains our human form and consciousness, all body functions and health. It is the foundation of our perceptual integrity and propels our consciousness towards realization of utter bodily union with the Divine Love that creates all that is throughout our eternal existence.

This is a lifelong practice, not a goal to be reached quickly. We cultivate the capacity to be present with everything and everyone and our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies unite in the unfolding flow of Divine Love as an unbroken continuity of consciousness regardless of what is happening in our lives.

Pema Chodron writes – ” It’s also helpful to realize that this very body that we have, with its aches and its pleasures, is exactly what we need to be fully human, fully awake and fully alive.”

Biodynamic Cranial TOUCH is a way for you to gently, compassionately and easily in your own rhythm, experience your wholeness and healing energy and that of the web of life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in a lasting embodied way that you can keep and grow. You return to your true self.

WHAT PEOPLE EXPERIENCE – this list isn’t complete. There are many ways to experience the Breath of Life.                                                                                                                                         Without anyone telling you how, you can use your own “wholeness re-set button” to calm, align and center yourself, feel more relaxed and resilient, find your unique way of expressing yourself in the world, deepen and expand your sense of aliveness, shift from a limiting to a lively and nourished outlook on life, shift from working and effecting to receptivity and action arising out of being your true self, meeting archetypal beings, totem animals, colors, lights, buzzing, tingling, , breath slows, a radiant Presence, feeling unconditional Love, Stillness and Silence, support for your evolutionary plan, Divine Wind, Divine Love, a sense of something being met that hasn’t been met before, layers releasing, sacred geometric shapes, expansive space, cleansing hurricane, primordial abyss, in the mysterious darkness of the universe you become no-self, Dynamic Stillness, feeling connected to All That Is… the integration of all of the above unfoldments at once in the pristine warm safe love of the Mother and the steady guardianship of the Father.

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